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Back to School Checklist

Back-To-School Checklist

This time of year sneaks up so fast…  summer is here and then gone in a flash! Use these helpful tips to get settled into a new routine for fall. Talk to your child about their feelings,…

Home Decor Inspired by Nature

Home Décor Inspired by Nature

Organic Home Décor exposes and showcases the beauty of natural materials. Elements of organic design can include: Nature-inspired accessories, furniture and structural elements that incorporate soft curves and irregular shapes Organic materials such as stone, rustic wood…

Wire Fraud Facts

#WireFraud Facts

Helping you protect your hard-earned money. Did you know… According to data from the FBI, in 2016, $19 million in home closing funds were reported lost to wire fraud. In 2017, nearly $1 billion in funds were…