First Impressions

If you’re planning an open house, here are a few tips that will help you make a great first impression:


  • Non-essentials out of sight and organized
  • Clean shower and tub
  • Towels are folded neatly
  • Toilet is clean and lid is down
  • Sink and surfaces are wiped down and sanitized


  • Pillows/cushions are tidy
  • TV screen is dusted


  • Linens are washed and beds are nicely made
  • Dirty clothes are out of sight in a hamper, toys and knick-knacks are put away
  • Closet is organized


  • Yard is tidy for time of year
  • Walkway/doorstep is swept
  • Outside lights are on
  • Outdoor toys and tools are put away


  • Sink is clear of dishes
  • Grind vinegar ice cubes in garbage disposal to sharpen blades and kill bacteria causing odor
  • Countertops are sanitized and clear of clutter
  • Range and microwave are clean and de-greased
  • All appliances are inspected for operation and cleaned