Outdoor Living Trends (July)

Here are a few trends that will help you get your outdoor spaces ready for summer whether you’re planning serious entertaining or just “chat and chill” time:

Blending of indoor and outdoor spaces: Shared furniture styles, color palettes, and fabrics make the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless. This creates outdoor conversation areas that mimic indoor spaces, allowing homeowners to extend their day and their entertaining space. Rattan and wicker furniture make a return: Woven furniture and accessories such as baskets and macrame plant hangers are making a comeback as the use of more natural materials is experiencing renewed appreciation. The handcrafted, do-it-yourself look using natural materials with unrefined lines and a worn, artisan feel contribute to a retro vibe as homeowners are in search of something more authentic and cozy.

Pops of bright, saturated color: While the on-trend color choices for wood and fiber are the natural neutrals, increasingly you’ll see pops of saturated color such as vibrant blues, oranges, and yellows. You’ll also see bright colors on plastic and metal patio furniture and accessories.

Pillows that make a statement: An indoor trend that is moving outdoors: loud pillows. Not only loud in color and pattern but pillows that speak to you through printed quotes, words or phrases. Great conversation starters while you entertain and add personality to your space.

Mix styles, materials, and vintage to make it your own: For example, homeowners have combined artisan pieces collected from world travels with their existing sleek and modern outdoor furniture to create a unique new-bohemian, world traveler-inspired art gallery on their patio.

Flexible outdoor spaces to fit your needs: Choose seating options that can accommodate a small, intimate group but can expand to fit unexpected guests and even still allow for larger gatherings. Use outdoor storage that doubles as a bench for extra seating, or a privacy screen with a ledge that folds down to create a bar-height table. Also, use planter boxes that can be equipped with slats to create a bench or a place to rest a beverage. Instead of a fire pit, jump on the fire table trend. Guests no longer need to balance a meal on their lap and wonder where they left their glass of wine.

Which trend will you bring to your outdoor space?