From virtual to a promise or service to be redeemed in the future, here are a few ideas to show Mom you care, especially during these times:

  • Support your local small businesses with a gift card for a future spa, hair salon or nail salon appointment
  • Plant flowers around the yard or in pots on the patio for months of cheery summer color
  • Coordinate clicking the “play” button with your mom and stream a movie or arts performance. Check in by text or facetime to keep the connection.
  • Create a kitchen herb garden in mason jars and include a few recipes she can try.
  • Commission a custom hand-drawn family portrait from an artist on
  • Even moms sometimes need a bit of help locating their keys or other items. A Tile (or other brand) tracker can ensure her favorite or most misplaced items are only a click away.
  • CALL your Mom! The tried and true phone call still works.