The Pacific Northwest is known for its one-of-a-kind décor style.

Design elements that exemplify this style can include:

  • Nature-inspired accessories, furniture and structural elements that incorporate soft curves and irregular shapes.
  • Natural materials such as stone, rustic wood and natural fabrics, instead of synthetics.
  • Imperfections made by nature and natural forms that are highlighted, not hidden.
  • Use of neutral color schemes and textures that take their cue from wood and stone.
  • Bright, open and airy home interiors that are simultaneously cozy and comfortable.
  • Use of natural light as a design element either through windows or solar tube.
  • Mixture of live indoor plants with elements that were living, such as wood, cotton, leather and seagrass.
  • Antique centerpieces that are fall-colored and vintage.
  • Experiment with dark candle combos and scents like pumpkin, apple and cinnamon.
  • Try plaids for tableware and trimmings.
  • Festive wreaths with apple or corn accents add a nice fall touch.
  • Go with the farmhouse feel and add antique pitchers and glassware.
  • For your bedspread, try adding blankets with detailed patterns and colors.

Remember, Organic home design doesn’t mean just going green with eco-friendly structures, amenities and gadgets. Organic home décor can touch, and be tailored to match, every facet of  your lifestyle.