Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th!

It’s a challenge every year to find that perfect gift for Dad when all he really wants is quality time with his family. Here are some activities to do with Dad:

Outdoor Dad: Is your dad a fishing fanatic? Does he love to hike? Prefer to sleep in a tent? Then plan a day outside in the beautiful summer weather at one of our many local state parks.  parks.state.wa.us

Finer-Things Dad: Does your dad enjoy the finer things? Then put on your finest threads and treat him to a fancy meal. Great food and conversation are sure to knock his fancy socks right off!  yelp.com

Caddy Daddy: If your dad is golf-obsessed, then plan a day on the course together. Taking up a common hobby is a great gift for dad that lasts a lifetime.  thewsga.org

Rocker Dad: Does Dad rock out in the car and sing as though no one is watching? Then treat him to one of the many local area concerts and rock out together! seattle-theatre.com/index_concert.php

Brainiac Dad: If your dad is always hidden behind a book or schooling you on trivia? Then plan a day out at one of the many local historical sites or museums to fire up his neurons.  visitsseattle.org

Film-Buff Dad: If your dad loves the cinema, plan a day out at the theater with him. Treat him to his favorite concessions and let him pick the movie. fandango.com

Grill Master Dad: Is your dad often found in the backyard next to the grill? Then find a new recipe to learn and grill together. allrecipes.com