First impressions count!

Here are some tips for rolling out the welcome mat and creating eye-catching curb appeal without spending a fortune:

  • Power-washing a cement driveway, walk and patio will
    remove oil, rust and other stains. Repairing or sealing any
    cracks in these same areas during the summer will help
    with appearances and visitor safety and will also prevent
    winter temperature changes from causing more damage.


  • Clear the pathway to your front door by cutting back any
    overgrown landscaping. Check for cobwebs and wipe down your front door and
    kick plate. Consider painting your door if it’s looking faded/worn.


  • Freshly planted pots or hanging baskets blooming with
    color add an inviting feel.


  • A new layer of mulch will immediately improve the look
    of your yard. Well-maintained, clutter-free yards are
    always appealing.


  • Make your fence pop! A semitransparent stain evens out
    signs of repairs and covers discoloration. Don’t forget
    your deck, steps, rails, shed, etc.


  • Add some path lighting that highlights the best plants in
    your yard. Low-maintenance solar-powered options come
    in many styles to match your home’s architecture. Clean
    dust and dirt from porch and accent lights to ensure they
    are shining at their brightest.


  • Crystal clear windows are a strong indicator that the
    house has been well cared for.


  • Buy new house numbers to make your front entrance
    more attractive and your home easier to find.


  • Add a new mailbox and post. (Check with your
    municipalities regulations first before installing to be sure
    you’re up to code)


  • Don’t forget your roof. Replace missing shingles, remove
    leaves, debris and clean streaks that may be left over
    from winter and spring.