Holiday Entertaining

A few tips to help you “go green” this holiday season:

Decorating-Many of your guests will eventually come to the kitchen to hang out, so to really get into the holiday spirit, decorate your kitchen as well. For the kitchen (and all over the house), string LED lights, which use less energy. Pinecones, evergreen branches and boughs of holly you’ve collected from your yard also make festive holiday decorations and don’t require any energy usage.

Cooking-Support our community farms! Buy organic when you can, and visit your local farms to get produce, meats and dairy products. Many farms offer fresh items year-round, and you might even discover a new favorite. Ask for recipes and preparation tips if you’re trying something new.

Serving-Use cloth or compostĀ­able napkins, and invest in an inexpensive set of flatware that can be reused next year. Better yet, if your event is casual, check your local vintage store for flatware and glassware sets or individual pieces that meet your entertaining needs.

Cleaning up-Your full dishwasher uses less water than hand-washing, so even if you need to run multiple cycles, it’s worth it! Also, make it easy for your guests and yourself by setting up stations for food scraps and compostables, plastics, paper, and garbage.

Lastly, when you’re storing leftovers, the refrigerator may become overĀ­full, so be sure to check that the door closes completely. Better yet, send everyone home with leftovers.