Green Home Home Improvement

Earth-friendly home features can add to a home’s value and livability, while also making it more attractive to buyers looking for “green” features. Here are a few ways to “go green” on your next project:

    The latest low-flow fixtures not only look good but save significantly more water than those made even just a generation ago.
    If your bathtub or sink is in good condition, instead of buying a new one, get the current one refinished.
    Consider installing a permeable driveway or walkway mad of pavers, crushed stone or broken (recycled) concrete, which allows rainwater to seep through to the ground.
    Bamboo grows quickly even without pesticides and, when assembled into flooring, is more durable than most hardwoods. This makes it a sustainable choice for your home. Concrete is another alternative and can incorporate recycled materials such as recycled glass to give it unique character.
    Recycled-glass products are elegant and stylish and add a modern twist. These products are available in a variety of designs and colors. As with flooring, concrete is another option that can be used for countertops.

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