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Wire Fraud Facts

#WireFraud Facts

Helping you protect your hard-earned money. Did you know… According to data from the FBI, in 2016, $19 million in home closing funds were reported lost to wire fraud. In 2017, nearly $1 billion in funds were…

What's Your Move Up Strategy

What’s Your Move Up Strategy?

Tips for Buying and Selling Without Going Insane As a move-up buyer with a home to sell, you’re no doubt facing a variation of the chicken-or-egg dilemma, asking which comes first: Should I buy then sell, or…

Escrow & Title Essentials

Escrow & Title Essentials: Impound Accounts

What’s an impound account and what is it for? Every year, property taxes for King, Pierce and Snohomish County homeowners will increase. If a homeowner’s mortgage lender has set up an impound account (also known as an…


2018 Financial Resolutions

As you begin to prepare for tax time, February is a great time to take a look at your finances to ensure that you’re ready to reach your investment goals for the year. Here are a few…