Curb Appeal

Here are a few simple touches that can help you make a great first impression!

  • Create an inviting walkway. Line your walkway with garden planters. Build them yourself from treated lumber, or use decorative weather-resistant pots and containers. Fill with seasonal flowers that will bloom during the spring and summer seasons.
  • Exterior lighting. Having adequate exterior lighting is a key component of your home security. As with house numbers, choose a light fixture that’s in the same style as your house, or repaint your existing fixture.
  • Power washing. Living in the Puget Sound region, we all know how our moist environment can create a haven for moss. Patios, driveways and walkways can all become dirty, discolored and dangerously slick. Power washing annually with an eco-friendly detergent can keep your concrete spaces safe and clean.
  • New house numbers. A new set of house numbers is a simple yet impactful way to give your home a finishing touch. Research online to find a style that is in keeping with your home’s age and architecture.